Skywatch Friday Ireland

Skywatch Friday Ireland


A little late but here a my new entries for "Skywatch Friday"  this week.

All the photo's are shot on my short 8 day trip to beautifull Ireland.






Some Animals are "Skywatching"


P1. "Watching the clouds hanging low, it's raining also"





P2. "Sheep is watching the wet sky, The rain does not like do anything with the sheep....."





P3. "Five on a row....?"





P4. "yes, 5 on a row, all Skywatching...."





A statue is Watching the Sky for a very long time.....


P5. "Statue at Trinity's College in Dublin"





The other Skywatch views....


P6. "While driving from to Cork back to Kenmare, i spotted this view...." The shot is made on a moving car at 100 km/h, not bad......





P7. "Watching the sky in the rain"




















Wonderful shots Eric, I like the way you present them:) Love the close-up of the sheep.

Gepost door: Jane | 14-08-09

Beautiful Ireland is a fun, dramatic, whimsical, exciting place. I enjoyed these very much.

Gepost door: SandyCarlson | 14-08-09

Het zijn stuk voor stuk weer prachtige plaatjes, Eric.
Als ik er eentje uit moet kiezen, dan ga ik voor de zesde.
Maak er een mooi weekend van!

Gepost door: Jan K. | 14-08-09

schitterende reeks !!

de eerste foto vind ik subliem...

Gepost door: willy | 14-08-09

Carver You got some beautiful shots. I love the variety. My daughter studied in Cork for a semester and some of your shots remind me of places she shot during her time in Ireland. I'd love to visit there sometime.

Gepost door: Carver | 14-08-09

Ireland Thank you for sharing these photos, theyremind me of our visit to Ireland.
The 5 birds in a row is a perfect picture!
I love the sheep, they care not a t all if it rains!

Gepost door: Janis | 14-08-09

Love the photos of the sheep and birds,reminds me of our visit to Ireland!

Gepost door: Janis Dority | 14-08-09

Je laat de sky op mooie manieren zien
vanuit Ierland!
Knappe foto's!

Gepost door: P-TER | 14-08-09

Wonderful snaps. Each one better than the other. The birds sitting in a row and clouds so close to Earth are just marvelous.

Gepost door: Rajesh | 14-08-09

They are all brilliant Eric! Although I've been moaning a lot about our rainy summer lately, I actually love your capture of the rain in these shots. Very atmospheric. Since I would have so many opportunities to perfect this, I shall try it myself! My favourite shots are the first one and the close-up of the five gulls in a row. Have a great weekend,

Gepost door: Janice | 14-08-09

skywatch Prachtige skywatch foto's!
Ierland heeft duidelijk heel veel te bieden.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 14-08-09

5 in a row Great!

Gepost door: krizcpec | 15-08-09

Schitterende reeks, weet niet naar welke mijn voorkeur uitgaat.

Gepost door: Etje | 15-08-09

Great shots.
Sydney" target="_blank">http://sydney-city.blogspot.com/">Sydney - City and Suburbs

Gepost door: J Bar | 15-08-09

die meeuwen op een rij zijn schitterend, bijna een voorbeeld van hoe je idepte in een foto brengt!

Gepost door: Ann | 19-08-09

Gardener's Roost Beautiful shots!
Great idea to showcase the animals watching the sky!

Gepost door: Aerie-el | 03-09-09

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